Hard tungsten carbide 6 mm rod

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Precision ground hardened and polished hard tungsten carbide 6 mm rod.

This is the hardest material available on the market. Makes very stiff strut pins and axles.

One length makes two strut pins. ATTENTION: these pins cannot be cut with Dremel wheels. They require 5" or more hard steel cutting discs..

Available in length of 75 mm.

Diam tolerance: =- 0.0005"

Cobalt Percentage: 10%
Grain Size (μm): ≤ 0.7
Hardness: 92.7 HRa, 1680 HV
Fracture Toughness (K1c): 7.9
TRS (GPa): 4.1
Density (gm/cc): 14.30