1/5 scale F-4D Skyray.

Our factory, Enata Aerospace, is working on a new project.

It is a hyper scale 1/5 scale Douglas F-4D Skyray.

This airplane has been developed under contract from Mark Frankel, the World Skyray specialist and Douglas Historian.

Mark has developed, flown and sold to the market a 1/7 scale version of this plane in 1990. The kit is still sold as of now and is very famous. However, Mark wanted to go one step beyond his original project in terms off size and scale authenticity.

Welcome to the Ultimate Jets/ Enata Aerospace/ Frankel 1/5 scale Skyray!



The plane has been entirely CAD designed and 7 axis robot milled with our Kuka machines. Milling accuracy was to 1/15th of a millimeter. Then, the airplane sub-structure was drawn and sanded down to create the wrinkles effect.


The wrinkles are made subtle and only show when looking at a tangential angle or when touching the skin surface.

These are made according to the thousands of detail pictures that Mark has accumulated about the plane, including many ultra high resolution historical pictures of the Skyray production line, which proved to be unbelievably useful to us.



For example, the picture above enabled us to extract wing details showing the skin wrinkles and rivet patterns as well as access doors.


Now compare this to our plug in progress:


 Notice that the wrinkles are very close to the original plane.


Here is a picture of the fin:


The plane prototype will be tested after the summer.