First F-8E Crusader prototype.

Here are a few pictures of the first F-8E Crusader prototype.








Written by Olivier Nicolas — March 25, 2017

Ultimate Jets West Coast is now live!

We now have a structure for our West Coast customers sales and support.

Shaun Evans will represent Ultimate Jets from San Diego California and assist our customers on sales from Houston.

He will also be available to support our customers.

Welcome to the team Shaun!

Written by Olivier Nicolas — January 16, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our customers on behalf of the Ultimate Jets team !





Written by Olivier Nicolas — December 24, 2016

F-8E Crusader

Here are a few pictures of our new project.





Here are a few more detail pictures of the Crusader. 30,000 rivets added!




Written by Olivier Nicolas — December 24, 2016

New production facility.

This is a small view of our new production facility.


100,000 sqft on 3 floors.

6 CNC machining centers, including a 6 axis router of 30 foot by 15 foot by 10 foot capacity.

20,000 sq foot laminating room surface.


Our new paint booth:


Our new milling robot.


Siemens operated Kuka KR240 with 3100 mm reach.
2 tons
80 degrees per second on all axis with 240 lbf of torque.
0.08 mm repeatability.
12 kW quadruple bearing spindle.

A beast that can mill plugs at 2000 mm per second...



Our latest additions:


An ultra large Kuka KR500 milling robot on a 30 meter rail:



Perfect for milling full scale wings, spars, rocket components...


And a large CNC router on Siemens drive and controllers:


4 meters by 3 meters with aluminum and carbon fiber milling capacity in wet phase or vacuum extraction. 30 kW quad bearing spindle...

Written by Olivier Nicolas — March 15, 2016

Pushing the resolution to 5 micron...

We just acquired an Ultra High Resolution 3D laser printer.

This printer is able to produce a theoretical resolution of 3 micron dots. I have made a print of the 1/7 scale Rafale Ultra Scale strut to this resolution.

Enjoy the details...


Here is the full nose strut.


And a detail of the steering actuator valve with a view of the 0.3 mm hexagonal screw:


And a view of the detail on the CAD:



That should also give you an idea on the number of hours i spent on this design. All CAD drawn feature by feature from the pictures of the real thing. Hundreds of hours of drawing....



Written by Olivier Nicolas — January 14, 2016

Black Friday sales

Black Friday sales at Ultimate Jets till the 30th of November!

The Weatronic BAT 60 is discounted by 20%!
Use 20%BAT60 code.


The ASSI module is down to 170 USD. Use ASSI-BLACK-FRIDAY code.


Behotec engine:

JB-220 " The Beast" on sales at 3599 USD instead of 3990 USD




B-100F on sales at 2229 USD instead of 2518 USD



B-300F on sales at 5710 USD instead of 5910 USD.



Aviation design kits: all shipped from our Paris factory. Prices exclude shipping and kits are not upgraded by Ultimate Jets.

Diamond Motorsports colors:

2640 USD ex shipping ( 800 USD shipping for the USA )


Fouga Magister 1/4 scale:

1799 USD


Mirage 2000 1/5 scale:

2469 USD



Rafale C 1/5 scale ( single engine, single cockpit version ):

3499 USD



Rafale C 1/7 scale, basic kit:

1513 USD


Super Scorpion Swiss, Russian, Silver/ red or black/ yellow:

1959 USD



Scorpion Swiss, Russian, Silver/ red or black/ yellow:

1459 USD




1280 USD



Mibo SAAB J-29 Tunnan Gen 2 discounted by 10%



Written by Olivier Nicolas — November 21, 2015

Ultra High Flow fuel stopper

Ultra high flow fuel stopper.
Unique CNC machine/ 3D printing process to 5/100 mm resolution.
First product on the market enabling independent fuel supply for twin engine models.
Designed to support super high flow to new 500N engines.


Large stopper crown for large gluing surface.
Super strong.
Tight tolerance means super fuel tight...


Written by Olivier Nicolas — October 30, 2015

MIL spec transmitters

Here is a short introduction article to our new offering: MIL spec transmitters.

These are available as MIL spec or hobby spec with camo scheme.

The hobby spec with camo scheme are the regular BAT 60 transmitters with new camo colors.
Available are:

Green digital camo

Grey digital camo

Sand digital camo

These are mat finish with a rubberized carbon fiber bottom.

As a reminder, these transmitters offer some unique features like:

. 96 channels
. Up to 3 receivers configured in parallel for max 62 servo outputs
. A unique ramp system with the possibility to configure the bottom 25% of the throttle ratchet as a proportional spring loaded brake control
. Quadruple redundancy transmitter battery system with the possibility to hot plug a charger during the flight
. Integrated gyros in some receivers ( BAT 60 support coming soon )
. Integrated sequencer ( BAT 60 support coming soon )
. A unique professional grade user manual and programming manual written in-house
. USA support and service

The MIL spec transmitter offer the following upgrades:
. Full aluminum gimbals
. Vibration motor for alerts
. Ground station enabled
. Dual screen configured
. Near eye display enabled

Written by Olivier Nicolas — May 02, 2015

Our brad point aerospace grade diamond coated carbide drills are back!

We have the super sharp, super tuff brad point aerospace grade diamond coated carbide drills back in stock.

These drills are 100% made in the USA from the absolute highest quality materials. If you are looking at cutting a perfectly clean hole in kevlar, carbon fiber or glass fiber, don't look any further. These drills feature a specific cutting angle and brad point head for self centering and good deburring capability. The diamond coating make them suitable for high speed job on glass fiber and abrasive carbon laminates.

They also excel at low speed on kevlar laminates.


Written by Olivier Nicolas — June 22, 2013

Welcome to Ultimate Jets.

We are the one and only USA based turbine powered UAV and hobby models manufacturer. Ultimate jets offers some of the best engines, kits, and accessories to the Industry. ................................................... We offer in-house design and manufacture services for military and hobby companies. Our expertise extends from aero dynamics design to carbon fiber aerostructures manufacture and 5 axis CNC milling and turning. ................................................... We are the USA distributors for Behotec, BF-Turbines, Mibo and Aviation Design and provide in-house support and service for these products. ................................................... We also are dealers for the following brands: Jets-Munt, Permagrit, Ultratool, Cotronics, Techflex and many other aerospace industry suppliers. ................................................... We finally house a unique technical blog that you will find below, providing industry reference articles. Please feel free to browse through these pages. Enjoy... Barry, Woody, Shaun and Oli.