F-105 Machined Parts

Here's an update on the machined parts for the Thunderchief.

I recently received my nose wheel retracts from Matrix. As usual, excellent work and the installation is going smoothly.

As you can see I abandoned the "clockworks" nose wheel retracts. Too much monkey motion to work reliably every time.

I'm in the process of programming the Jeti radio into the jet which will include voiced airspeed via telemetry/pitot tube.

The pitot tube is removable for maintenance if needed.

I've been flying my Me 163 Komet with the new Jeti system and am VERY IMPRESSED with it's capabilities.

I'll be converting my Mibo A-10 to the same system.

The F-105 should maiden in the next few weeks if all goes well, then complete the finish/scale details in the Fall.

The tail pipe is custom machined by Jet Model Products.


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Joe Grice