AD Diamond build thread. Presentation

The first production airframe is on the way to me.

This is still a prototype stage kit but we will use it to fine tune the production process.

All the internals on this model will be identical on the production kits. So I will take the opportunity of this build thread to show you how this model is made of.

Here are a few pictures of this exact airframe during the production stage.


The wings:



The main spar up to the landing gear plate is made of aero grade Finnish birch plywood. The main spar is 12 mm thick and virtually indestructible. The gear false ribs are also made from the same ply.

The rear flight control spar is made of thick balsa wood. The wing skin is vacuum moulded from drilled Airex/ glass fiber sandwich with a thick carbon fiber patch joining both the main and front spars.


The fin:



The same type of construction is used for the fin: vacuum moulded drilled Airex/ glass sandwich with thick aero grade plywood main and rear spars. Eric took a special care at sizing this area as the horizontal stabilizer is mounted on top of the fin and it is essential that the whole assembly stay super stiff in all situations.

The top of the main fin spar has a T shape that includes two ribs and the small tube section required to  slide the two half horizontal stabilizers. The stabilizers tube is in one piece.


The wing, rudder and stabilizer tubes are made from aero grade AU4G that is used on AD drones as well as all the models from the Scorpion to the super scale Rafale.