Scorpion Mk2 assembly day 6: the gear

I have chosen to show you the installation of the Behotec E36-2 electric gear based on the pneumatic C36-2 version.

The difference between the electric and pneumatic versions are the following:


The gear Control Unit is very advanced.

It features the following inputs:

Battery ( 2S, 3S Lipo and 2S, 3S A123 accepted )

RC rudder, RC brake, RC gear

and the following output:

Rudder servo

brake 1, brake 2, mot 1, mot 2, mot 3.



The gear installation is very straightforward. The plates holes are pre-fitted with blind nuts from factory. Fitting the gear is just a matter of installing the fasteners. All the cuttings in the fuselage skin are done and match both the pneumatic and electric versions of the gear.

I created an E-tract loom that is provided as an option just like the servos loom. It clips in position with our graphite custom clips. The loom is labeled with printed heat shrinks and protected with MIL spec cable sleeves.



It includes a section made of highly flexible silicon wires for the electric brakes.


The steering servo mounts on the front radio tray head up. I used a large servo arm that matches the width of the steering arms. Makes sure that the arm you will use is stiff enough as the cables tend to flex it downwards.

You can see on the picture above the eTract control unit hooked up. everything comes very neat and the loom is passing from below the tray.

The pull-pull cable should be connected to ball links on the servo side. Adjust the wire tension so that the nose gear retracts and extends without problem and locks in the extended position while exercising a slight pushing effect with your hand to simulate wind drag. I used two elastics hooked on the side of the fuselage to keep the cables apart.




The braking action on the E-tract unit should be calibrated carefully as I realized that the tyres can lock very easily if set too strong after I got a very impressive flat on the maiden flight...

Setting up the stops from the eTract control unit is a matter of seconds. Very easy and straightforward.