Scorpion Mk2 assembly, day 3.

Today, I mostly worked on prepping the inside of the fuselage.

I used a light gull grey paint from Warbirdcolors as a primer. I like this paint because it is water based, fills very well ( no need to put too much of it ) and is completely fuel proof. I then spray a light coat of Krylon make-it-stone on top. I make it very light with few specs per sq inches. I like it that way.

The hot parts are covered by my special mix that I called "graphite shield". It is a blend of zirconium/ ceramic base with glass micropsheres and graphite micro fibers. I comes as a creamy grey primer that protects the laminate from heat extremely well.

I also borescoped the stabilizers. I decided to do so because I was not allowed to make a picture of the Xray at the customs. So I decided to cut a hole in them to show you how they are built. I think that it is important to show this very critical part of the kit.


These are the pictures of the pivot tube. It is glued on two plywood strips that spread the effort. Note the quality of the gluing. I'd say it is a bit over-glued and some weight could be saved there, but I'd rather see it that way.

Here is the view of the back of the rib. The anti rotation pin is embedded inside this hard wood block.

Here is a view of the anti rotation pin through the pivot tube.